We provide a range of consulting, marketing and lobbying services


Legislative Affairs

Performing client advocacy services with congressional members of both parties is a core function of our firm. While Hurt, Norton & Associates maintains extensive personal contacts with congressional members and their staffs, we also believe in putting our clients in direct contact with elected officials and their aides. By doing so, we assist clients in identifying congressional members who have a responsibility or an interest compatible with their given issue. Our offices are located within two blocks of the U.S. Capitol complex in order to easily facilitate meetings with congressional contacts.

Government Marketing

We have broad experience in assisting for-profit and non-profit organizations in the sale of products and services to the government. Our work includes the gathering and interpreting of information on congressional and executive branch actions that impact client enterprises, to include tailored daily reporting services. Specialized marketing advice can be provided to both U.S. and foreign headquartered or based companies. We understand the importance of educating the government agencies and Congress concerning our clients’ goals, needs, and objectives, and provide advocacy services for corporate issues and congressional legislation as required. In some instances, we arrange appointments and accompany company executives or marketing officials to meetings with potential government buyers. As required, we retain specialized consultants to assist in marketing support. Hurt, Norton & Associates is a sustaining member of trade and military service organizations such as the Association of the United States Army (AUSA), and the Association of Defense Communities (ADC), which provides valuable networking and business contacts for our clients.

Federal Funding

Hurt, Norton & Associates has special expertise in the legislative arena of congressional appropriations, grants, and other opportunities for federal funding. Our focus areas are within the various Department of Defense military departments and agencies, in health care, medical education and medical devices and equipment, funding for transportation and infrastructure development, and education. Our firm utilizes its broad understanding of the federal budgeting and appropriations process to identify avenues of opportunity in accordance with new congressionally directed spending or “earmark” restrictions. We also maintain personal contacts with the professional staff of the House and Senate appropriations committees.

Defense Community Representation

The firm has extensive experience representing states, community groups, municipalities, and chambers of commerce with an interest in specific military installations/missions. Issues we have addressed revolve around preparation for Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC), or assisting with the transition of a military installation that is being closed under BRAC. Two of our senior associates have worked on BRAC commissions, and the remainder of our principals and senior associates has experience with BRAC issues. Additionally, we have supported funding and legislative policy proposals to bolster active military installations in accordance with the interests of community support groups and other entities, and facilitated interaction with senior executive branch officials.

Health Care

Health care issues and policies offer an expanding market for federal engagement, and is an area of special expertise for the firm. Hurt, Norton & Associates has considerable experience in serving clients with interests relating to hospitals, educational institutions, military and Veterans Administration treatment facilities, TRICARE, research funding, medical devices and services, and regulatory affairs.

Public Relations and Communications

Hurt, Norton & Associates understands that news coverage and content can shape the outcome of legislative and regulatory actions. A strategy that couples lobbying and public relations is invariably more effective for major initiatives than lobbying alone. Therefore, our firm offers an array of public relations services based on individual client agreements. These services include media relations counseling, executive interview preparation, news clip monitoring and analysis, drafting or reviewing press releases, speeches and committee testimony, and crisis management planning. Our staff includes experts who have experience in the news media and public affairs, providing the well-rounded perspective required for public relations’ issues.