Tailored strategies coupled with credible and validated requests are the keys to success


imageHurt, Norton & Associates appreciates that Washington representation is a major responsibility.  Private and public entities require Washington-based services capable of devising and executing effective strategies to accomplish their objectives.  In order to be successful, this must include the development of a broad base of congressional and government contacts at all levels, not just congressional leadership and the White House.

The firm recognizes from experience that effective Washington representation requires an innovative, and often a persistent approach to problems and issues.  Our professional staff has broad experience working with Executive Branch department and agencies, and the Congress in an array of senior and mid-management positions.  Above all, Hurt, Norton & Associates understands that a client’s unique problem must be solved, and while we employ tried and true strategies in many cases, we also appreciate the necessity of original ideas and perseverance in order to realize success.

We strongly believe that the issues or requests presented to congressional offices or departments and agencies must be credible or possess a validated government requirement.  The access we gain for a client does not ensure acceptance – if access is exercised without merit, the privilege of access could soon evaporate.  As a result, after access is established the merit of a request or position is an absolute requirement.  By thoroughly vetting programs prior to engaging with congressional members, we have established a highly successful record even under the revised, more transparent and heavily scrutinized congressional appropriations review process.

“… Access does not guarantee success, but success can never be achieved without access …”
John L. Zorack, "The Lobbying Handbook"

Hurt, Norton & Associates works with the congressional offices of both political parties, and have established contacts with members on both sides of the aisle.  Political majorities are cyclic, and we think that possessing the capability to advance a client’s request to Republicans or Democrats is essential for success.

All of our work is conducted in strict compliance with 31 U.S.C. 1352 as modified by the Lobbying Disclosure Act of 1995 and the Honest Leadership and Open Government Act of 2007, as well as all relevant House and Senate rules and guidelines.  In addition, our principals and senior associates have attended formal ethics training.  The rules can be complex, so if a question of propriety is encountered we call on outside experts as necessary to ensure compliance.

Finally, Hurt, Norton & Associates operates on a team concept.  One of our principals or senior associates is assigned as the primary client point of contact for a given account; however, we will employ the varied talents of our entire team on an as-required basis to accomplish client objectives.  We believe in developing a strong rapport with the client, and strive to become an integral component of a given organization’s team.