Client contracts are individually negotiated one-year retainer agreements with a monthly fee structure.  After detailed consultation with the potential client, monthly fees are based on the firm's collective analysis of the manpower and time that would need to be devoted to a particular account.  Hurt, Norton & Associates does not bill the client for routine business expenses such as office supply costs.  Additional expenses could include client-related travel expenses; however, any travel outside of the DC area is pre-approved by the client.

“The lobbyist on a retainer has a better understanding of company operations and objectives, and can transmit the company objectives to the congressional public better than lobbyists working on a part time or 'spot' basis.” John L. Zorack, “The Lobbying Handbook“

We understand that some organizations require hourly billing due to preference or tracking and auditing purposes, and the firm would consider such an arrangement at the client's request.