Our clients include corporate and public sector entities located nationwide and overseas


DCHurt, Norton & Associates, Inc. is a full-service governmental affairs, marketing and lobbying firm founded in 1997.  Since that time, we have taken pride in maintaining longstanding relationships with many clients based on an admirable record of results – the firm’s hallmark has been characterized by the terms ethical, reasonable and effective.  Using integrity as our keystone, we have grown steadily yet modestly over the years, employing only seasoned professionals as associates.

The firm’s experienced staff provides assistance to more than 40 clients ranging from Fortune 100 companies to small businesses, public authorities and local governments.  Our client base includes, but is not limited to companies with interests in national defense and security, technology and services, education and transportation, energy and finance, health care and regulatory affairs.

Our client offices and operations are located nationwide and overseas.  Services to these clients include an array of legislative affairs activities; government marketing for private sector services and products; strategic planning; public relations counseling, and specialized representational activities designed to fit unique requirements.  Hurt, Norton & Associates is scaled large enough to provide a depth of capabilities, but small enough to provide immediate and customized service.  The firm’s steady growth over the years is attributable to our reputation for solving problems and a consistent, tangible support of client objectives.

We often provide all Washington-based services required by clients, including the provision of temporary or permanent office space and staff support.  For other clients, we work with their Washington office staff, or public and private associations and interest group coalitions.